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"Barry Louis Polisar's children's recordings have become a standard: well-loved by a couple of generations of youngsters since he began recording in the 1970's. Many of Polisar's songs were not to his own liking, and inspired by his own lectures to school children about the writing process, he re-wrote the songs and recorded them on this album. Kids will definitely giggle when listening and parents who listened to Polisar as children are likely to want to share the laughter with their own youngsters. Polisar's 30-year-old recycling is a brave idea that works! "

School Library Journal

"Polisar's "worst" sounds pretty good. Kudos to a trouper who knows the heart of a child and how to set a perfect beat to tunes that we all can identify with."

National Association of Parenting Awards

"Filled with comic rebellion and mixed with an innate understanding of childhood, this album is sure to please today's children."

Georgia Family Magazine

"Barry Louis Polisar is still outstanding. If Raffi can be called the Bob Dylan of children's music, then I'll compare Barry Louis Polisar to the rougher, edgier Phil Ochs, with an added sense of comic anarchy that appeals to anyone's sense of fun. It is no insult to say that Barry Louis Polisar has the mind of a child...goofy songs that resonate with real kids."

Kathy O'Connell, host of WXPN Radio's Kids Corner

"Holy Doody balls! I love Barry Louis Polisar. He is a genius at what he does. My hero."

Gene Weingarten,
The Washington Post

"Barry Louis Polisar at his best. These songs and poems are well-targeted to a range of young listeners and presented with one of the most expressive voices in the genre. His spirit of fun is conveyed through a voice that can be zany, high, silly, low, exaggerated, serious, ironic, grave or in put-on versions of almost any voice you can imagine. Poems are so well coordinated with accompaniment that at first you may not realize that Polisar is reading, not singing and arrangements are varied, tight and beautifully supplied."

Sing Out Magazine
Summer, 2006

"Fresh and fun for a new generation...there are a couple of hours of quality here."

Deseret News
Salt Lake City, Utah

"Round up the kids but if you think it'll just be them laughing, guess again because it just may be the adults whose voice you'll be hearing a lot of...nutty, goofy, kid and adult friendly."

Celebrity Cafe Reviews

"Kids and adults will giggle and guffaw as they listen."

The Journal Star,
Lincoln, Nebraska

"It's the best of the worst and who can resist...your kids won't be able to."

Washington Parent Magazine

"Keeps kids in stitches!"

The Miami Herald
Miami, Florida

"Barry Louis Polisar is a kids music legend. Kids will laugh with delight at his least favorite songs"

Parent & Children Magazine
Long Island, New York

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Old Enough To Know Better:
The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar

Barry Louis Polisar
$14.95, 2-CDs
ISBN 0938663-42-9

Most people do a "Greatest Hits" album after thirty years, but Barry thought he'd try something different. He took his least favorite songs from his 1970s-era albums and reworked them into brand new songs. His daughter helped edit many of the lyrics and his son joined him in the studio, playing saxophone and clarinet. The result is this two-CD compilation.

Why a double CD for kids? Polisar answers: "I just had so many bad songs!" So here they are...Barry Louis Polisar's worst songs...but with a brand new twist!

Click titles below to hear most of the forty songs on Barry's 2 CD set--or download individual songs or album from,, or Barry Louis Polisar - Old Enough to Know Better: The Worst of Barry Louis Polisar

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