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"Barry Louis Polisar marches to a decidedly different drummer, and will have kids marching right along with him. The songs on this recording are funny, irreverent, and simply delightful."

School Library Journal

"Children of all ages should listen to his witty, intelligent tunes....the best record you've sung along to since second grade."

The Des Moines Register
Gannett News Wire Syndication

"Barry Louis Polisar sings sly comic songs with a lot of kid-canny anarchy; the foundation for each song, however, is keenly observed truth. A Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner."

Lynne Heffley
Parents' Choice Review

"Sly lyrics performed with the force of a shooting rubber band. The electric, eccentric Polisar bangs out this edgy classic on everything but the kitchen sink, and provides a delightfully warped, wickedly funny outlook on slugs, potty training, perfect children, and asparagus."

Parenting Magazine

"Polisar's witty, irreverent folk-pop tunes tromp around with impunity where few kid's artists dare to venture."

Family Fun Magazine

"One of a dozen or so reasons to love Barry Louis Polisar's A Little Different is its ability to entertain unflaggingly and at full throttle on two levels. Each of this album's 17 tracks is genuinely funny. Polisar may be "A Little Different," but that's what makes him--and this album-- wonderful."

Tammy La Gorce, Review

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A Little Different

Barry Louis Polisar
$14.95, CD
ISBN 0938663-43-7

Barry Louis Polisar's songs for children have always been a little different than most. His lyrics are wry, sly and witty and this album is the most musically textured he has produced.

Seventeen songs are featured here including a bluesy I'm a Slug, the 1999 winner of the "Children's Music Award for best song" and a joyful song about Potty Training, sung to the tune of Waltzing Matilda.

But listen carefully; the album is a pun and fun filled adventure with musical homages to everyone from Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix and Guy Clark to the First Nations a cappella trio Ulali. The Homemade Band song features Barry playing every instrument--except the instruments are common everyday kitchen utensils. And let's not forget about the cover art--creatively designed by Barry's eleven-year old daughter!

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