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"An unconventional, yet spot-on children's entertainer and education advocate."

PBS Parents

"He's wickedly funny!"

Parenting Magazine

"A delightfully subversive antidote to Mr. Rogers."

Tom Lehrer

"A one-man symphony of comic anarchy. At a time when vast numbers of our kids see school as endless drudgery, Polisar says otherwise. He says, isn't the English language fun?"

The Baltimore Sun
Baltimore, Maryland

"He gives kids the giggles. Tons of giggles. And the children might be joined by chuckling parents that Polisar entertained 30 years ago."

The Washington Post
Washington, DC

Who is Barry Louis Polisar...

...and why are they saying all these things about him?

You have probably heard many of Barry's songs and stories already.

Barry Louis Polisar is an author, songwriter, poet, and story-teller for children who also writes songs and books for adults. Barry performs his songs on two different Grammy Award-winning albums and sings his song All I Want is You in the opening credits of the Academy Award winning movie Juno.

Barry's songs are featured in television shows, feature films, and TV spots throughout the world--and his books and poems have been translated into other languages. He has written songs for Sesame Street and The Weekly Reader and hosted a television show for children that won two different Emmy awards.

A five time Parents' Choice Award winner, Barry is a pioneer in the world of music for children. He was given a Special Library Recognition Award for his "ability to communicate with and excite children to read" and he has performed at The White House, The Smithsonian, and The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. He gives concerts and author visits in schools, museums, and performing arts centers from Washington DC to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Barry's songs continue to be recorded by singers and musicians all over the world. A 2-CD "Tribute" album features sixty of Barry's songs recorded by musicians and singers who listened to his songs when they were children.

Discover the ironic back story